Self Care Sunday Ideas

25 Self Care Sunday Ideas

Life is busy!  Even when our social activities or travel itineraries are curtailed by a pandemic there is still lots to do and so it can be extremely difficult to find even just 15 minutes to devote to self care let alone have a full self care Sunday, but these self care Sunday ideas are simple and easy to fit in.

Self Care Sunday Ideas for busy people

Self Care Sunday Ideas - I don't have time

I get it... you are busy; you have children, you have a home to run, you have a job and a you'd like a social life.  I often feel that way too. I get that you don't feel like you have time to sit around all day on a Sunday just thinking about yourself, but Self Care Sunday Ideas don't have to take all day and if you think you don't have time for self care then this post is 100% for you!

Just because you say that on a Sunday you WILL make time for self care it doesn't mean that you have to do this all day long.  Just the simple act of being mindful of taking care of yourself each Sunday can shift that balance from you always giving to a healthy one where you also think about yourself and take care of you.

Remember scheduling in that time for self care can make us a better parent, a better friend or a better partner.  Self Care isn't just for you as it makes you the best version of yourself for the rest of the world too.

So next Sunday try some of these 15 Self Care Sunday Ideas!

Finding time for Self Care Sunday Ideas

It is easy to dismiss the idea of taking a self care day or even a self care minute because you don't have any time, but I wonder if we are all (and especially women - sorry guys, but us gals do tend to still take on the brunt of childcare and chores such as washing) conditioned to feel like we need to be busy at all times and that we are some how lazy if we are doing nothing or seemingly doing nothing.  

Let's reframe that and start to think of self care not as being lazy or doing nothing, but instead as us doing an essential something for us and those around us.  No one likes being around someone who is super stressed and tightly wound so by taking some time for ourselves and making some room for self care we can change that.

So with that said how can you carve out time in our busy lives for you and just you and how can you possibly make these self care Sunday ideas work for you if you have kids, pets, partners, businesses or anything else that depends on you...  Well starting off with setting Sunday as your devoted day for self care is a perfect beginning.  

Make Sunday the day you think about 'you'

This might be as simple (to start with) as you remembering to drink enough water or making sure you go for that run / walk that you want to take.  

It could be reading a book whilst children play or carving out a few minutes to take that bubble bath or do that facemask whilst your partner takes kids to the park.  

It could be all of those things and more, but the point is that on a Sunday (at the very least) you make sure that you do something for you and you think about what you want to do as well as what needs to be done.

3 ways you can create time for self care:

  • Schedule it - actually add it to the calendar and agree the time with your partner so everyone knows you are unavailable.  It works with work meetings and getting kids to wherever they need to be so why not with your self care?
  • Prioritise - someone said to me recently that if you have time to go on social media you have time for self care and I totally agree.  Next time instead of falling down that instagram rabbit hole spend that time on self care
  • Consequences - think about what you can not do that day in order to fit in your self care practice.  What would be the consequences of, for example, not emptying the dishwasher or not sending that last email?

25 Self Care Sunday Ideas

  1.  Go for a walk, a run or a bike ride
  2. Go through all those photos on your phone; delete what you don't need whilst taking a lovely trip down memory lane
  3. Try a new skincare regimen
  4. Meditate - or play a guided meditation 
  5. Workout
  6. Watch a trashy television show or binge watch if you have the time
  7.  Try a new relaxing activity such as baking, knitting or cross stitch
  8. Organise a space or room that’s been bugging you;  throwing stuff out is so cathartic
  9.  Read a book or a magazine
  10. Give yourself a manicure/pedicure
  11. Meet friends for a coffee or drink or a walk depending on the pandemic 
  12. Put on some music and sing your heart out or have your own dance party 
  13. Do a bit of online shopping and buy an item that’s just for you
  14. Diffuse calming essential oils or light a scented candle and just sit for 5 minutes
  15. Listen to an uplifting podcast
  16. Put on a facemask
  17. Take a bubble bath
  18. Give yourself a blowout; curl or straighten your hair
  19. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers
  20. Take a nap
  21. Do some adult colouring (subscribe to Just15forMe to get some great colouring templates that are all about positivity)
  22. Do some research into the next trip you would like to take - holiday porn basically!
  23. Make a cup of tea or coffee and drink it whilst it is warm - alone!
  24. Do a puzzle - maybe with a glass of vino to keep you company
  25. Stretch or do breathing exercises for 10 minutes.  We have a reel of a suggested stretching routine over on our instagram so check it out

Ultimately a Self Care Sunday should be about doing something that makes you feel good.   Whether you can spend a whole day devoted to your self care or need to just pick one thing from the Self Care Sunday ideas list and only have just 15 for me it doesn't matter.   What does matter is that you make time for you and just you.

What would you add to this list?

What would would your ideal Self Care Sunday look like?

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