6 types of self care

6 Types of Self Care and How to practice them

We are told (heck we even say it here), that self-care is essential; something that we all have to do, but so often it is just associated to essentially pampering yourself and there is much more to it than that.  So what are the 6 types of self care? How can you practice the different types of self-care and how can you easily incorporate them into your daily life?  We will cover this all here so read on...

6 types of self care

The Six Types Of Self- Care 

Mental Self-Care

These are the self-care activities that help you to keep your brain sharp; what you fill your mind with has a direct influence on how you feel so this type self care is all about being intentional about what you put into your mind.

Mental self-care includes doing things that inspire you, that fuel or stimulate your mind such as learning something new, doing a puzzles, reading a book or playing online games.

 Playing games that engage your brain can be a really good way of stimulating your mind particularly if they are puzzle based.  My favourite site to use is Solitaire.org as it has a variety of games such as Majhong, Solitaire and Matching games, which I must say are my favourite.

mental self care playing online games

There is something quite relaxing and methodical about matching the colours to create the correct combination of blocks that you need to succeed in the game.  I also like that within this site you can turn off the music; so if you are looking stimulate the brain and maybe give yourself a reenergising self-care moment you can choose to leave the music on, but if it is the methodical process of the game that you are after and a few minutes relaxing whilst still using your brain then it is music off time.

online games as self care

It sounds silly, but five minutes of playing an online game gives me a real boost if I am feeling sluggish mid afternoon and it is just fun apart from anything else.  I have also recently been playing Solitaire online and its a perfect break from the working day which keeps me alert and flexes those strategic muscles whilst still giving me a break.  

The other thing about playing online games is that whilst you are playing you are not on social media.  So if you like some screen time, but find that social media isn't always the most positive place for you to be then playing an online game like the ones mentioned here could be a great option for you... and it is all free!!

Mental self-care isn't just about keeping the mind sharp it also involves activities that help you stay mentally healthy.  It is about being kind to yourself, treating yourself with compassion and making sure that you inner voice is a positive and kind one rather than a voice that limits you.

 If you want to read more about how self talk can be powerful and influence your mental health then check this one from Psychology Today out: The power of positive self talk

An easy way to start with changing that inner voice is by using affirmations every day and we have got you covered with our gorgeous Pack of Positivity that includes instructions for including affirmations into your life.


Affirmations cards

Emotional Self-Care

Emotional Self-Care is all about helping you to connect and deal with your emotions.  These activities are the ones that enable you to reflect on how you feel and on processing those feelings.

This could be around taking specific steps to develop emotional regulation strategies;  this is something I personally have been working on or it could be around implementing specific tools into your life that enable you to process your emotions and deal with your feelings.

Some examples of healthy way to deal with and process your emotions include journaling, using the zones of regulation to check in with yourself, seeing a therapist, using art to convey or release emotion or even just talking with a loved one.

Practical Self-Care

This type of self-care relates is about everything you do to practically take care of yourself and your home; all of the practical things you need to do to keep everything running smoothly. I always think of this as being the executive functioning bit of self care.

You may think that doing daily tasks such as organising your life, taking care of your home,  being on top of finances and having a plan in place so that these day to day tasks happen and don't become a source of stress doesn't sound much like self-care, but it is! 

Self care is anything that you do for yourself and by getting the practical tasks organised and running smoothly you are looking after yourself and probably freeing up some time when you can then be doing something else more rewarding that trying to catch up on life admin!

Social Self-Care

For us humans social interaction and relationships are hugely important to our overall well being and happiness so it is important for us to build and maintain relationships with friends and family.  

Social self-care are any activities that you take to nurture your social relationships or indeed taking steps to remove anyone from your life who doesn't make you happy or who you feel creates problems.  

So social self care is also about setting boundaries for yourself; being social when you want to and not because you feel like you must or someone else is telling you to do it!  

It can also be about trying out new social activities or groups to widen your social circle if that is what would benefit you most at this time.

Great ways to practice social self care are thinking about which relationships you want to nurture (a relationship stock take if you will), just going for dinner with a friend, joining a new activity group or lesson, planning a family get together or saying no to events or people that don't fill you with joy.  It is ok to prioritise you!

Physical Self-Care

 This is probably the type of self care that you know most about and are most familiar with.  This type of  self-care is about doing things to improve your physical health whether that be through exercise, eating well, drinking water, sleeping enough or taking time to rest your body and mind.

This type of self care is also the one that involves treating your body; getting a haircut, having a facial, getting a massage or having a relaxing bath with aromatherapy products would all fall under this category and so this is the one that you will have heard about most.  When people think self care they often immediately think of this type of self care, but as we have seen from the rest of this post it isn't the only thing we need to consider when taking care of ourselves.

Just because this type of self care is talked about a lot doesn't make it any less important so here are few ideas for things you could do:

  • Plan your meals ahead of time and buy the food so that you always have healthy options
  • Book onto some exercise classes (this could also end up being social self care too)List Element
  • Rest and relax when you need to; be aware of your body and its clues that it needs a break
  • Wear clothes that make you feel great
  • Appreciate your body and all that it does for you
  • Go to bed early at least once a week
  • Use a measured water bottle so you know how much you are drinking

Spiritual Self Care

How do you take care of your spirit?  Perhaps this type of self care isn't something you have ever thought of.  

Often people think of being spiritual as being religious, but this isn't necessarily anything to do with religion.  Spiritual self care is about doing things to feed your soul.

Examples include meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, being out in nature appreciating its beauty or practicing mindfulness.

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Get inspired today 

What will your Self-Care Plan look like?

The next step, now that you know all about the different types of self care is to create your self care plan, but what should you include and how much stuff should be on there?

Well that will be different for everyone.  Just as there are different types of self care there are different needs depending on the individual.  I am a mother of four young children so my time is very limited and I have to be creative when it comes to planning my self care and fitting it in.

You may be able to have a day like Self Care Sunday or just an afternoon or, like me, bits of time here there and everywhere worked around other demands, but always as a priority!

No matter how much or how little time you have you can make a self care plan.  To start with think about your life as a whole and break it down into the categories of the different types of self care.  Then be honest with yourself about where you could make changes to increase your feeling of satisfaction in that area.  

Doing this will start to build your plan.

Grab your free Self Care Planner here!

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